Synthtix5 - 3.5OZ Synthetic Urine

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3.5 oz Synthetic Urine for both male and female applications.

This product is toxin free and has been incubated for 48hrs. This eliminates sedimentation and separation. No need to shake or mix.


Microwave bottle for 15 seconds. This should raise the temperature to 100 degrees. (Does not have to be microwaved unless immediate use is required)
GREEN is the color to look for on the temperature strip. If you do not see GREEN on the temperature strip, do not worry, you probably microwaved it a bit too long and it's a little too hot. As it cools down, you will eventually see GREEN on the temperature strip.
Open heating pad, shake for 5 seconds, remove backing to expose sticky side, and wrap around bottle, keeping the temperature strip visible.
The heating pad performs better in a closed environment (pant or coat pocket, purse)
This will give you a minimum 8hr window of correctly heated solution. The temperature strip should read 98-100 before using.

Note: Do not microwave for longer than 15 seconds.


Synthetic Urine
Adhesive Heating Pad