Pizzanista! X G Slim Box Set

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Pizzanista x G Slim Box Set

If your hunting for top-shelf pie in LA, look no further than Pizzanista! Grenco's newest G Slim pen vaporizer collaboration with Pizzanista! is their most delicious yet! Designed for ultimate versatility, the latest G Slim collab from leaves no left turn unstoned: included are tanks for flower, concentrate, and liquids. The G Slim is super easy to load, heats instantly and recharges quickly. This limited edition box set includes a pizza slice grinder card, Grenco and Pizzanista! Magnets, a custom rolling tray and more!

About the Collab

Founded in 2011 by legendary skateboard professional Salman Agah and art consultant Price Latimer, Pizzanista! brings seditiously delicious pizza to Los Angeles, blending the historic flavor and thin-crust style of New York pizza with California’s abundance of fresh produce and small-batch ingredients. Grenco celebrates one of LA's pizza legends with a custom G Slim vape pen, flocked blacklight-reflective mini pizza box that's just overloaded with custom Pizzanista! goodies.

How it Works

Flower - Grinder your flowers to a medium-fine grind, and load the flower tank. Replace mouthpiece, and press button to activate the heat. Draw as you normally would.
Concentrate - Apply a small amount of your oil or concentrate to the atomizer, then replace mouthpiece. Press the power button and begin to draw.
Liquid - Fill the liquid tank no more than 2/3 full for optimum operation. Replace mouthpiece, press the power button and draw.


All three atomizer tanks are replaceable. The durability index from Grenco indicates the tanks live approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on usage.