MJ Arsenal - Jammer Mini Dab Rig

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Height: 4.25in

*10mm connection


MJ Arsenal Jammer 

Do you like to shred? Meet the Jammer, MJ Arsenals most simplistic rig in their collection.  But, don't let that fool you.  This seemingly simplistic Jammer is the epitome of MJ Arsenal’s commitment to function above all else.  Looks truly are deceiving - This baby packs a punch.   

MJ Arsenal Jammer

With a minimum of percolation that resembles the classic banger hanger design.  A study piece with 4mm thick borosilicate glass, the Jammer comes complete with a 4-hole direct-inject anchored down stem that requires just a low water level that will produce an enriched terpene flavor rip. 


MJ Arsenal  


Height: 4 in

  • Base width: 2.5 in
  • 10mm quartz banger included
  • Glass mini rig
  • Unrivaled percolation action
  • Designed for minimal filtration and maximum flavor
  • Made by MJ Arsenal
  • Included with your purchase:

    (1) Jammer Mini Rig™ by MJA

    (1) MJA Custom Flat Top Quartz Bucket

    MJ Arsenal - Jammer in a Box