MJ Arsenal - Infinity Mini Dab Rig

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Height: 5.5 inches

Base: 2.4 inches

10mm Connection


MJ Arsenal Infinity

What started out as an experimental, in-house concept quickly became a favorite of the MJ- Arsonal creations to-date.  Featuring a fab-egg design that is essentially a sphere split into two hemispheres with empty space between them and connected by only a few tunnels.

Infinity Example

So, when the smoke is first percolated in the bottom chamber, the resulting bubbles get brought up and through, giving the bubbles more space to grow and have more surface area. What does this mean for you? Large bubbles, where the surface water is smoke-infused while its center is clean, cool air, allows your vapor to cool lightning fast, resulting in clean, smooth hits every time.

MJ Arsenal Infinity

The Infinity by MJ Arsenal, is a wonderful example of the Yin and Yang principle which highlights certain rare combinations in nature that when combined, equal far more than their individual parts. Combining the classical fab-egg (Royale) style percolation, with the more rhythmic cycloning filtration of a double uptake recycler, all culminating for nothing short of an extraordinary consumption experience. 

Enjoy endless filtration with the Infinity mini rig by MJA. 

Elevate the Ordinary!