MJ Arsenal - Claude Mini Dab Rig

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  • Height: 5 inches
  • *10mm connection
  • Comes with 10mm Quartz Bucket (2mm thick)

MJ Arsenal Claude 

Introducing Claude - a recycler style MJ Arsenal mini dab rig™   Properly named after one of the original inventors of the ancient Roman aqueduct system that revolutionized and influenced things as we know it today.

The Claude Mini Dab Rig takes the water direction and filtration to a whole other level with an integrated four hole diffused downstem.  

MJ Arsenal Claude

When you take a rip from the Claude Mini Dab Rig you can literally feel the turbulent spin cycle your terp filled vapor is put through, culminating into the most smooth and flavorful experience yet!

10mm MJ Arsenal Bucket

Included is a thick-walled 90 degree fully quartz banger that allows for excellent heat retention and original flavor.

The Claude Mini Dab Rig is the perfect solution for a dabber who needs smaller glass, with the same amount of power as a larger version.  So let the Claude Mini Dab Rig take you for a ride - this rig is sure to pack a punch, all while fitting in the palm of your hand.

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Elevate the ordinary.

Each Claude Mini Dab Rig™ Includes: 

((1) Claude mini recycler rig™ (10mm connection)

(1) 10mm Quartz bucket (2mm thick)