Chi Modu Limited Special Edition GlowTray

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Chi Modu's Iconic Work on the World's First Illuminated Rolling Tray.  These retail for $90 off the official GlowTray website, but 


6 Color Options

USB-C Quick Charge

Auto Party mode


 Chi Modu GlowTray

Chi Modu, hip-hops most legendary photographer, who helped set the visual template for dozens of hip-hop stars has teamed up with GlowTray to feature some of his more iconic photos on a GlowTray.

Chi Modu Glowtray 

Iconic art like this isn't meant to just hang on the wall.  It's meant to use and reflect upon as your chillin' and listening to those classics made in the formative years of these legendary artists as he helped establish a visual identity for the era.




Available in 3 Versions

Chi Modu - California Love GlowTray

Tupac Shakur Chi Modu GlowTray 

California Love - Featuring the classic shot of Tupac Shakur, eyes closed and arms in the air, tendrils of smoke wafting up from his lips.

Chi Modu - GlowTray - Eazy Does It


Easy Duz It Chi Modu - GlowTray  With that legendary shot of Eazy-E, perched atop his lowrider, using it as a throne.


Chi Modu - GlowTray - Snoop Dog - The Pound

Snoop Dog - The Pound Chi Modu 
  • The Pound - With the young looking Snoop Dog with a huge cloud of smoke flowing outside his nostrils



6 Color Options

USB-C Quick Charge

Auto Party mode


6 light up color options per tray. 

Double Battery Life - Rechargeable 1800mAh Battery providing 6 hours of continuous light 

Auto Party mode - auto rotates through the color options. 

Dimensions: 11.1” x 8.3” x 1.3” 

Includes Microsuede Carry Bag & Fast-Charging USB-C Charging Cable

 Operating Instructions For the Chi Modu Glowtray

Customize your experience with an easy to use simple one button operation.  

On / Off - Double Click Button

Change Color - Single Click and cycle through 6 color optGlowions

Breath Mode / Audio Mode - Long Press Button

Battery LED Indicator let's you know in you need to charge your device.

 Low Energy - Power Indicator Low Electricity
Full Power - LED Indicator Full Power




Clean with a wet towel. Do not use chemicals or submerge in water. 

Keep away from fire.